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Liquor Store Used For Prison Microphone In North Hollywood

This is the project I met Tata on:

This sounds ridiculous! But I swear it really happened this way. While I was walking out of the gym the producer of a prison documentary pulled up in an old school mercedes benz and recruited me on the spot, to act in his film. This producer liked my looks but thought my Southern accent was so bad, that he dubbed his own voice over mine. So in ‘Prison Microphone’ I sound like a black man.

While acting out a scene in ‘Prison Microphone’, the L.A. Swat Team was called in. They received a 911 call reporting the robbery of a liquor store. I found myself on the ground with an M16 to my head, a swat team outside and a helicopter in the air above the store. Later, the cops realized we were shooting a project and let me go. Lesson #1 – Always “pull a permit” when shooting a film. Otherwise the actor that really gets shot may be You.

Tata was the camera operator on ‘Prison Microphone’. And that is where our friendship and film making career began. Tata and I later went on to make a 45 minute short called ‘Dan’s Arcology” that Tata wrote, directed and funded. Tata also promoted one of my projects ‘Night of the Hunted’ by handing out promo cards in Vegas. That project was ultimately hijacked by some Hollywood pros and marketed under another title. Later, Tata wrote “Visage” and my mother and I backed that project. I was in the first little promo trailer Tata did for ‘Visage’.

Liquor Store Used For Prison Microphone In North Hollywood The First Shoot Of Visage Promotional Video.

The First Shoot Of Visage Promotional Video.

First Visage Promo Trailer Link: https://www.facebook.com/100000806980854/videos/922858737751017/

See ‘ Visage – Silence Has No Color’ now. You can’t make up what happened to us in the making of this film! More blogs to follow…….

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