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What Really Goes On During Pre Production?

By November 30, 2018 No Comments

During Pre production, Writer/Director Tata Michaelangelo, Actor /Production Manager Jamey White and Actor/Producer Mike Wickman (myself )ran all over Holywood rounding up props and wardrobe. The director and I held casting sessions and Auditions for two weeks. Tata rehearsed with the actors every day for a month. It was so stressful and understaffed that everyone was forced to wear 20 hats.  Tata was director, writer, and 1st and 2nd AD. The person Tata had hired for AD was too busy Smoking weed and didn’t show up. Tata also had to secure locations wherewe could shoot, put together a crew, take care of wardrobe , and get the shots and lighting right.

Jamey White was running around trying to make sure food was on set, actors were in place, props and wardrobe were where they needed to be, while paying all the people and keeping up with contracts.  Jamey’s main job was making sure that I, Mike Wickman, and Tata remained calm enough to keep from having a nervous breakdown. Both Tata and I were having frequent Panic Attacks at this point. Expensive props and wardrobe and six weeks of prep to shoot for only 14 days was killing us.

Houston – We are ready to launch.  Day 1 of shooting Visage began and we were so ready to do this or so we thought. And then, all hell broke loose.

Lesson #2 Allow enough time for pre production – the sanity you save may be your own

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