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Action …… On the Set of Visage.

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Shot From Day 1 (Figo & Marcus)

Shot From Day 2 (Penny The Pimp & Marcus) Brothel Scene

Shot From Day 3 (Matthew) Car Scene

Shot From Day 4

Shot From Day 5 (Bagget)

Day 1 : November 1st, Shooting of Visage begins and the Sound guy is 2 hours late. Twelve hours later we call a Wrap and everyone is exhausted and hungry.

The question is, with our budget, how do we get everyone fed where we are not forced to eat Costco snacks for the rest of the production.

Day 2 : went well for the most part.

Day 3 : Rain beats on us. We are supposed to shoot scenes with Ana Sakic in the role of ‘Beauty’. I got a call the night before that Ana had gotten 3rd degree burns on her hand. Ana was on morphine and at the hospital. Ana, being the trooper that she is, offered to do the scene on morphine, but I declined. The shoot was rescheduled for a week later and that is the reason why ‘Beauty’ has a bandaged hand in the movie. ( It rained for that shoot too. ) So on day three, we wrapped the camera in trash bags and shot some outside scenes anyway. This is Southern California where ” it never rains”.

Day 4 : The crew declares mutiny and wants to quit. Things are chaotic. Cinematographer Steven Pedro and Director Tata Michaelangelo have a two hour argument over filming. One wants to shoot. The other doesn’t. They work it out and production begins late that day.

Day 5 : It is cold and Peter Dach ‘Bagget’ doesn’t like the Crafty selection of chips and snacks. He deals with it. I had paid for three different shoot days at a certain location. The day ended when someone supposedly scratched a rented camera lens.  That little incident lead to a death threat.

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