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The First Shoot Continues

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Shot From Day 6 (Mike Wickman) The Cat in Alley Scene

Shot From Day 7 (Caleb Mann) Figo in Cafe Scene

Shot From Day 8 left-right (Logan LaCross, Peter Dach, Caleb Mann) Bagget’s Studio Scene

Shot From Day 9 (Maxi Witrak, Ashley Alvarado) Ruby & Violet Scene

Shot From Kitty’s Scene (Eva Ceja, Caleb Mann)

Day 6 : Death threats are made to Mike Wickman over an allegedly scratched lens . The owner of said lens claimed to have been to prison and to dark places and he wasn’t afraid to go there again. He insisted that we owed him $800 or ‘bad things will happen’. A few days later we met with the guy who seemed to be involved with a pretty ruff and rowdy crowd, to say the least, and we paid him off in cash. Lesson #3 The cost of a lens is not equal to the value of the Producer/Actor/Go to Guy/Me

Day 7 : Our lead actress quit. The lady playing Marcus’s sister ‘Vivian’ just walked out and we had to recast her role in the middle of shooting.

Day 8 : I have already exceeded my whole budget. Wow, movies are expensive! Actor Maceo Fisher went to our money trader and got some more moola.

Whew! Now we are good to go, or so I thought.

Day 9 : Scenes with ‘Kitty’, and then ‘Ruby’ and ‘Violet’ are shot. ‘Kitty’s’ scenes were so bad that they required a three day re shoot. The hotel we rented in North Hollywood kept asking for more money and more money. The rooms we shot in started at $80 on night one. By night two of shooting, the price was raised to $250 a room and by night three those crooks were charging us $500 a room.So everyone now laughs at how we shot this movie in 4k but the real laugh is that the rooms we used to re shoot ‘Kitty’ actually cost us 4K.

The 14 Day shoot turned to 18 days, and was filled with chaotic and crazy moments. To keep up with this Saga, you’ll  want to watch Visage.

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