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Do We Have a Movie or What?

By December 12, 2018 No Comments

Jamey White (Left), Maceo  Fisher (Right), Mike Wickman (Taking the Picture)

In late December and early January of 2016 I was informed that the footage we took during our 18 day shoot will not sync. ¬†The editor can’t figure out why the film will not sync and it looks like we don’t have audio either! Oh, and the editor had disappeared with our Main Drive and can’t be located. So in phase 2 which is on to post editing of the movie, Mike Wickman (The Cat) , Maceo Fisher ‘Penny” (The Pimp) and Jamey White ( Cat’s Best Friend ) don some hoodies and go out to locate the Editor and the 60K footage that has disappeared. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

The story continues with the posts getting even crazier than the production of Visage. Stay tuned…..

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