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Marylin Manson was almost in Visage

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Shot From The Last Day of Shoot 1 (Cassie Vail Yeager & Caleb Mann) Beach Scene
This scene did not get used in the movie.

We needed to make this project Union approved to get a SAG rating and then hire our “known” actor. It turned out to be a catch 22. ┬áBecause of the risk of the stunts being performed, we couldn’t afford the insurance. Without union insurance, we couldn’t get a SAG rating. If we paid the insurance, we could not afford to pay Marylin Manson. ┬áBy the last shooting day, we had taken out all the non-union stunt scenes, got insurance, got a SAG rating and used up all the money we had to hire Marylin Manson as our “known” actor. I paid our lead actor another $1000 to be nice to him for shooting and to help him for Christmas. There was 13 cents left in the account afterwards.

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