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Sync Problems are Really Expensive

By December 24, 2018 No Comments

Malibu At The Cliffs:

Having licked my wounds and with an empty wallet, I, Mike Wickman Producer / Actor / Engineer continued on my quest for a solution to salvaging Visage. I tried a Sound Editing Studio in  Santa Monica.

The Studio had no clue but thought they were getting close to a solution to our sync problem…. for just a little more cash.

In total desperation, I called the maker of the Camera that shot Visage and spoke with the AC. He actually knew the answer to the sync problem with Visage! The film had been shot at one frame rate 29 fps (frames per second) and the time base had been recorded at  a different rate 24 fps . We found out that our Sound Guy was often so high on weed that he forgot to record the takes as well. The Sound Guy said he thought he hit record each time because ‘he could hear the live feed from the microphones in his head’. The low end cost to fix this problem by a studio was…….One million dollars.

I called my Mom and told her I was thinking about killing myself. I wound up sleeping in my car for 3 days out in Malibu, thinking “I’m madder than hell and I can’t take any more”.

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