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Visage the Movie Re Emerges

By December 24, 2018 No Comments

Mike Wickman Producer / Actor back at it again!

How unlikely is it that our lost movie hard drive and Editor would show up at the New York Film Academy?

Nothing had gone right so far, so nothing should surprise me anymore.  And then it got really bad.

The film footage still would not sync properly. What are we going to do ( frantic ) ? The movie picture and sound will not sync so everyone looks like they are speaking after they have spoken. What a mess. So here is what we did in desperation. We approached the head of sound design at the New York Film Academy to take a look and advise us. After two hours, his solution was to play with the sample rate. I fussed with the sample rate for a week.  It didn’t do any good. By the way, did I mention that I am also an Electrical Engineer? That information will come in handy later.


I took the drive to a Sound Designer for Showtime and HBO who is a friend of our Assistant Camera Operator. She could not get the sound to line up but she was very clear about the $1300 bill she handed me for her hours billed. Hours that resulted in no clues or answers to our sync problem. ‘Pay it.  And no, I don’t care if you never work with me again, goodbye.’ She wouldn’t even try to meet me halfway on the bill.

I have a 5 minute video of how to change sample rate. Not the solution to our problem!


It’s a math problem of interpreting the footage from 29fps to a time base of 24fps. A question that I spent thousands to try and have experts tell me how to do it and wound up figuring it out on my own.

Lesson # Too many to count at this point. Teachers don’t always know how to solve real world problems.

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