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Syncing and Transcoding Visage:

Mike Wickman here, still alive, and feeling more optimistic. This sync problem is a math problem. As an engineer, I am pretty good at math.

Tata Michaelangelo and I began hand syncing over two thousand raw clips by hand. In the end, we had to recut Visage the Movie 5 times, because of the sync issues, and because we took the advice of other editors in the industry. None of them had dealt with an unsyncable movie like ours. Transcode the footage to a lower resolution to make editing easier, no not h264 medium bit rate, no you need to use h264 match source, no you need apple pro res 422, no not apple pro res you need pro res 4444, no cut it in the raw. Then the computer went black screen and locked me out of the drive for over 2 days. This was not done and redone five times out of simple incompetence on our part, but because once you replace transcoded files with raw footage, everything goes back out of sync and again the experts had never seen a movie like ours. Oh my God already lol.

Tata put together a “skeleton cut” of Visage and then we sent the footage to a professional Editor to re assemble the entire film. Mind you, Tata and I, transcoded and edited the first rough cut of Visage on a MacBook pro laptop. This is something experts told us could not be done. I admit, my laptop got really overheated and I did fear we would lose the whole movie on several occasions.

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